Minimalistic upcycled pouch that carries the little everyday things you wish to keep at your fingertips. Made in a project of social inclusion in Greece.


This pouch is perfect to retain the light essentials that you wish to carry and protect. It’s made out of the material used in the rubber boats that are being collected on the shores of the Greek islands of Chios and Lesvos. This upcycled material makes it very durable and water-resistant, ensuring the protection of its content.

It can be used as a wristlet bag for a short walk or as a wallet and document carrier inside a bigger bag. It could carry all your documents for travelling and other essential valuables. It has a zipper and a handle that allows a safer hold.


Size: 20cm x 2cm x 17.5cm (length x width x height)

Volume: 0.7 litres

Other colour combinations: on demand

mimycri by ANKAA pouch

  • The price of each product includes a 3% donation to the organisations on the Greek islands and a percentage to cover the cost of our trainings and classes in ANKAA. The VAT is included in the price.