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About Us

We advocate for social inclusion, an acknowledgement of a shared history, equal opportunities and a celebration of cultures and skills.


We recognise people for their skills, experiences, future ambitions and goals. 


Founded in 2017 in Luxembourg & Greece

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Trainings since September 2018


Dedicated team of 15 to 20 people


Over 1600 registered students


Strong collaborative network of partners


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We intend to strengthen the unemployed community in Athens.
We support vulnerable communities (asylum-seekers, refugees, migrants, people seeking employment,...) in Athens by offering:
  • Language classes and workshops in Greek
  • Sewing classes
  • Crafting Careers Program for tailoring
  • Workshops on upcycling and handicrafts

Ethical Manufacturing

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Our social business activities offer job opportunities to experienced workers and/or former ANKAA students.
Our products reflect and promote sustainability for the people, the project and the planet.

We use upcycled, local or organic materials and try to implement the principles of circular economy in all our processes. We offer an ethical working environment and a fair wage to our makers.

Our Journey Unfolded:
The ANKAA Project Timeline

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What does ANKAA mean?

The Ankaa star is the brightest star in the constellation of Phoenix, a symbol of rebirth, renewal and hope.

From Arabic and Latin roots, Ankaa stands for the 'star of the skiff', guiding the way for travellers of the sea.

Together we want to light a new path for travellers fleeing war and persecution, as they continue to write their stories and build their futures.

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