About the ANKAA Project

We recognise people for their skills, experiences, future ambitions and goals.

offering trainings since September 2018

+/- 250 students per term

10 people in the core team

4 partners

4 partners

Our history

What were the different stages to building the ANKAA Project?


How do we include a sustainable approach in our activities?


How do we value the expression of different cultures in our project?


At which events can you find the ANKAA Project and its sustainable products?

The press

Where can you find information about ANKAA in the press?

Our network

Who are our partners? Who supports the project?

We advocate for social inclusion, an acknowledgment of a shared history, equal opportunities and a celebration of cultures and skills.

The ANKAA Code

Everybody in our space is considered an equal member.

Everybody shares equal responsibility to respect the space and the other people working in it.

In return, every member has the right to use the space and its facilities to pursue his/her own ambitions or goals.

We provide departments aimed at different employment sectors that provide vocational training, skill exchange and up-skilling moments, access to professional workspaces and opportunities to take part in collaborative projects

Each department is supported by employability training focused on entrepreneurship, networking, marketing and training in online platforms and social media.

We believe in an initiative that works actively with people, creating opportunities to rebuild prospects, explore interests, develop passions, and exchange knowledge.

What means ANKAA?

The Ankaa star is the brightest star in the constellation of Phoenix, a symbol of rebirth, renewal and hope.

From Arabic and Latin roots, Ankaa stands for the 'star of the skiff', guiding the way for travellers of the sea.

Together we want to light a new path for travellers fleeing war and persecution, as they continue to write their stories and build their futures.

ANKAA Project MKO (Greece)

Registration number: A.M. 489181

Registered: July 2018

ANKAA Project ASBL (Luxembourg)

Numéro RCS: F11529

Registered: October 2017

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