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Made in a project for social inclusion by talented makers

ANKAA is a place where fashion meets conscious manufacturing.

Since 2020, we've been providing job opportunities for experienced workers and ANKAA graduates, all while making sure our makers are paid a fair wage.

We're not just about using organic and/or local materials - we are passionate about promoting circular economy principles and creating products that are both fashion-forward and eco-friendly.

We provide our makers with a safe and ethical working environment, and we support local suppliers, designers, and makers to bring together different communities through the power of fashion.

We are dedicated to creating products that look good, feel good, and do good.

Join us on our mission to make sustainable fashion the new norm.

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We make products (backpacks, wash bags, laptop sleeves, ...) out of upcycled materials.

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We bring your designs to life and support you with product development (prototyping, sampling, production).


We can use our designs or develop a product together, by using your or our material.

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We can make merchandising products for your company, as for instance tote bags with a print.

Be the next one to collaborate with us.

Get in touch for an offer for our current designs, merchandise products, a custom-made design

or any other crazy idea we could bring to life together with you.

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