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Greek Language

"The limits of my language are the limits of my world."
Ludwig Wittgenstein

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Learn more about our Greek classes

Language learning is at the heart of our mission,

In September 2018, we opened the doors for our first language classes.
We believe that learning the language of a community is a key milestone on the path of social inclusion within the local society.

At ANKAA, we offer a range of Greek language courses, primarily tailored to beginners.
Our curriculum has been thoughtfully crafted by our lead teacher who understands the unique needs of our students.

These classes not only provide a foundation in the Greek language but also offer a bridge to connect with the broader community. We're dedicated to supporting our students on their language learning journey, providing them with the tools to unlock doors to a more inclusive future.

Do you want to volunteer?

We are always looking for Greek volunteer teachers. Have a read at the job description and then get in touch.

Do you want to support our Greek classes?

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Greek Language classes

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Greek Language students

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different nationalities

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age of the youngest student

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age of the oldest student

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