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All funds raised during our campaign #donate4futures support ANKAA education programs for communities affected by forced migration and/or unemployment.

The main goal of our campaign #donate4futures is to raise regular donations for more long-term and sustainable planning.

➡️ We have 5 different packages (you will find them below) or you can give an amount of your choice to ANKAA. 

Every amount is welcome and needed. 🔥

Unfortunately, we are at a point in our project where we really need to have your financial support to move on, grow and enhance our purpose. 🌱  Raising funds for ANKAA becomes more and more difficult each year. 

We believe that there is no strength without unity; and together we can raise the necessary funds for our campaign #donate4futures to continue ANKAA Project to support our student’s future. 💪🏽

➡️ You want to share our campaign with friends and family?
You can download our flyers here:

➡️ For our friends in Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands, you can support us by scanning the QR Code below:

Donate via bank transfer:

ANKAA Project Asbl

IBAN: LU12 0030 5086 8960 1000



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Basic Package

10€ per month

With 10€ per month, you support one student, to be registered and guided by our team, to get study materials, a free lunch prepared by our partner SKP, water and snacks.

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Language Package

15€ per month

With 15€ per month, you support one student for a language course in Greek or English (covering course materials, curriculum development, the certified language teachers and the classroom).

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Tailor Package

30€ per month

With 30€ per month, you support one student for a tailoring course. (covering equipment and materials, the professional teachers, as well as the workshop). 

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Sustainability Package

50€ per month

With 50€ per month, you support one student for one course of our sustainability program (beekeeping, permaculture, bike repair) as well as the creation of entrepreneurial opportunities for our students.

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All-inclusive Package

100€ per month

You cannot decide which package to choose? Because just like us, you feel that education is diverse and should be adapted to our students’ needs and aspirations? 

With 100€ per month, you support the basic, language, tailor and sustainability package. 


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