Trade and craft skills translate well across borders.  

Our cooperative workshop is a space to design, build and create.


  • Knowledge of woodworking tools

  • Hand techniques for wood carving

  • Joining wood techniques

  • Use of a lathe machine

  • Product design


  • Use of machinery

  • Welding metal

  • Creation of basic structures (window frames, etc.)

  • Product design


  • Knowledge of cable colours, diameters and main ampere safety

  • Connection of a single switch and a 2 point switch

  • Priza socket connection


  • Service gears

  • Service brakes

  • True a wheel



Our partner Rokani is in charge of offering carpentry classes and supervising the carpentry production.

Want to volunteer with us?

  • Do you have skills that would fit in our workshop?

  • Are you available for 6 weeks?

Classes and workshop in different trades

Product design

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A strong team of volunteer teachers

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