Foggy Forest


At ANKAA, we will always look for ways to make our initiatives more environmentally-friendly, and work towards encouraging a sustainable future for both the planet and the people living on it.​

Our space realises an ethical responsibility towards the environment and supports a concept of circular economy.​​​​


Current projects

  • Recycling and collection system of glass, paper, plastic and aluminium put in place in our centre

  • Use of the coffee grounds of the ANKAA café as compost in our garden outside

  • Use of recycled paper

Future projects

  • Processing lab for plastic

  • Processing of collected paper to create new paper sheets



Current projects

  • Promoting an environmental mindset to actively reduce water, electricity, gas and paper usage

  • Use of scrap paper and fabrics to train students in different workshops

  • Reducing food waste by learning to cook creatively with leftovers and distributing spare food to homeless communities in Athens

  • Promoting environmental and self-sustainable travel through our bicycle repair workshop

Future projects

  • Events to raise awareness (use of local produce and seasonal fruits and vegetables...)

  • Educational workshops


Current projects

  • 'Second-hand corner' : Leave what you don't need and take what you do!

  • Collecting old materials and furniture from the streets of Athens

  • Using upcycled materials for our carpentry workshop, run by Rokani

  • Using pallet wood, donated items or second-hand materials to make furniture for the building (doors, benches, desks, etc.)

  • Creation of upcycled backpacks and bags made out of boat material collected on Lesvos and Chios

Future projects

  • Water barrel to collect rain water

Not only does ANKAA realise an ethical responsibility towards the environment, but our partners are actively involved in promoting sustainable work practices.


​A collective re-using and upcycling materials to create high quality products.



A not-for-profit organisation that designs backpacks and bag out of the boatmaterial from the Greek islands Chios and Lesvos. 

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supported by the "Climate and Energy Fund" of the Luxembourgish Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development