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"Without skills, no job. Without jobs, no integration."
 Jean Asselborn
Luxembourg Minister of Foreign and European Affairs and Minister of Immigration and Asylum
at the ANKAA inauguration in June 2019​
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Since 2020, ANKAA has developed social business activities offering job opportunities to experienced workers and/or former ANKAA students.These activities do not only create stability for the makers, but also aim at creating financial stability for ANKAA.

Goal 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals “Responsible consumption and production” is strongly embedded in our social business activities. 

Our products reflect and promote sustainability for the people, the project and the planet.

We use local, organic or upcycled materials and try to implement the principles of circular economy in all our processes. We offer an ethical working environment and a fair wage to our makers. Through collaboration with local suppliers, designers and makers we bring different communities together through the process of creation.


ANKAA is working on enlarging its international impact, advocating for sustainable products created under fair and ethical working conditions and increasing job opportunities for those who are largely discriminated against in the wider job market. 



Social impact

Creating training programs & job opportunities



For the project and the planet & support for the people

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Fair & ethical

Offering a fair wage & work environment to the makers


Socially responsible

Use of local, organic and/or fairtrade materials



 Upcycling and the principles of circular economy

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Designed by ANKAA

Have a look at our collection entirely designed in and by ANKAA


mimycri by ANKAA

Get to know more about our mimycri by ANKAA collection.

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Our shop

Have a look at our products and purchase one of our beautiful designs.


Businesses & Organisations

Your are looking for ethical products? You want to have a social impact?

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Transparent pricing

Find out more on how our prices are calculated.

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Our suppliers

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