Two years of the EU/Turkey deal

March 28, 2018



Two years have passed since the EU/Turkey Deal (March 20, 2016) came into force, an agreement designed to prevent refugees from reaching Europe through Greece and deport those who do to Turkey. 

Because Turkey is considered a safe country for Hamid and his family, their asylum claim was rejected twice. When they received their second rejection, they were imprisoned, along with their two, four and seven-year-old daughters.

The deal marked a pronounced change in the situation for refugees arriving to Greek islands like Chios, Lesbos, Samos and Kos, which became open air prisons where refugees are warehoused in inhumane conditions.


Like Hamid, thousands of people have been confined to an existence without legal status, education, work or safety, on a “hotspot” island – and this doesn’t end on mainland Greece.


To find out more about the deal and the way European policies have/the deal has affected individual stories, watch this interactive story that spans two years of the deal: through stories of family separation, children in detention, the threat of deportation, and exploitation at the hands of smugglers, it captures the devastation the deal has caused for the lives of thousands of refugees in Europe.  


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