mimycri by ANKAA

We are proud to announce our new partnership with mimycri, a Berlin non-profit impact design ad-venture.

Who is mimycri?

mimycri, a Berlin non-profit design label, transforms abandoned boats, with which migrants arrive on the coasts of Greece, into bags and backpacks, in hopes of sparking more dialog about migration. By transforming the discarded material into functional products, this material will be injected with a new, more hopeful narrative.

From now on mimycri products will be designed, made and shipped by ANKAA Project.

Through this collaboration we will:

Generate more job opportunities for people that have difficulties entering the job market

Have a bigger environmental impact by reducing the distances between materials and manufacturing

Combine job creation with vocational training and language courses

Raise awareness through creating high-quality fashion products out of broken rubber boats

Wash Bag - Small
Wash bag - Large
Fanny Pack - Large
Laptop Sleeve
Backpack Bag
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Have a look at these beautiful products that you can buy online.

As ANKAA currently doesn't have its own e-shop, you can purchase these beautiful products in the mimycri e-shop which is handled by ANKAA. We are looking forward to ship you these beautiful products to your home.

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Registered: July 2018

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