IT & Media Lab

"New technology is not good or evil in and of itself. It's all about how people choose to use it."

David Wong

IT courses

 1 Beginner class

1 Intermediate class

1 IT skills for the workplace class

Basic computer skills

by Social Hackers Academy

If you don't know much about computers, this course is for you.

Fast paced, a two-weeks program teaches computer basics to anyone who wants to start using technology a bit more.

Documentary workshop

Students learn the video camera basics, how to film and write a documentary. 

Stop Motion Film workshop

Stop Motion Animation is a technique used in animation to bring static objects to life on screen. This is done by moving the object in increments while filming a frame per increment. When all the frames are played in sequence it shows movement. ... Stop motion animation is almost as old as film itself.

Augmented reality workshop

The app Aurasma, works on Android and iOS. With the app, you can scan an object and add with augmented reality videos or pictures to this object. The different 'auras' you created can be uploaded on your channel (e.g. ANKAA channel) and everyone following the channel can see the different auras.

But also...

CV and cover letter writting

Support in job search and applications

Learn how tu use a camera and practice in ANKAA

Access editing softwares

Participate in our social media

92 students in

IT & Media classes

6 teachers

12 classes

(Summer Term 2018-2019)



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