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"The future depends on what you do today."

Mahatma Gandhi


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CV Writing
In regular sessions/classes, students learn how to write a CV, which skills and experiences to put forward and how to present themselves in interviews.

Career Counselling
In the past, one of our partners, organised regular job counselling sessions for our students. These sessions included job search techniques, interview preparation, Information on educational & other programs, information on AFM, and email creation.
Today, ANKAA supports students in an informal way, when they are looking for support in navigating bureaucratic procedures, preparation for interviews, etc.


Sharing of job postings & networking
Whenever we come across employment opportunities that could be of interest for our students, we share it and function as the link between employers and our students. Companies regularly reach out to us and ask us to refer candidates to them. Furthermore, we are creating networking opportunities for our students with potential future employers.

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