Cultural program in ANKAA Project

1908km - A cultural exchange between Luxembourg and Greece


supported by the Luxembourgish Ministry of Culture and "Fonds culturel national"

We see culture as the key to integration, a space for exchange and a way of expression.

The 1908km program invites artists to share their theoretical and technical knowledge.

For each module, artists from different nationalities will work together in order to mix influences and cultures.

A module is:

A duo of artists : one from Luxembourg and one from the Athens community


Classes and workshops to exchange knowledge and skills


Visits outside of ANKAA

Events linked to the theme of the module

Artistic creations for the final exhibition


During this module, participants will be invited to create their own media in order to express themselves throughout the program: this media can be a website, a newspaper, a radio station, a film etc. They will learn various techniques related to information sharing such as film making, sound recording or writing.

Image by Sam McGhee


Food can tell a lot of stories. Through this module, participants share their own culinary culture and combine them with others. After learning various techniques, the team will be able to organise a dinner as a closing event. All the different recipes coming from all around the world will be printed in a book.


The photography class is a time to explore history; identities and means of visibility. The participants will learn about cameras, photography techniques, composition, frame, editing softwares and picture printing. 


In this module participants have the opportunity to explore the various neighbourhoods of Athens and work on public space and history. The goal will be to collectively paint a building’s wall in order to leave a permanent mark in the city. This wall could be reproduced for the final exhibition.


Participants will share their own dance culture and learn new ones. Costumes can be created in collaboration with the tailor department. The module will conclude with a dance performance or an exhibition of videos and pictures of the class.


Learn how to play instruments, sing, listen to music and voices from different countries, build your own instrument, write a song, record and edit sounds...The music module offers a wide range of possibilities to organise a public musical event bringing people from the local community together.

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