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​ANKAA is not only offering vocational training, but is also starting to .​

​​​At ANKAA, we will always look for ways to make our initiatives more environmentally-friendly, working towards encouraging a sustainable future for both the planet and the people living on it.

Our values:


We put in place recycling bins to recycle plastic, glass, paper and aluminium.

We use recycled paper to print in our centre.

We are initiating a composting system to support our garden that we have begun with herbs, fruit and chillies.


​​We scavenge old materials wherever we can. Our initial start-up recourses were sourced from second-hand donations, scavenging and upcycling old materials. Most of the furniture in our building was made from pallet wood by our workshop (doors, benches, IT desks) and most of our chairs are re-used and repaired after being scavenged from the streets of Athens.


​​We are going digital as much as we can in order to reduce as much paper trail as possible. 

We reduce as much food waste as possible through better storage techniques, distributing food to the homeless and using leftovers if possible. We reduce as much as possible the use of plastic and give our members and students tap water. 



registered as Luxembourgish non-profit (ASBL) since October 2017

registered as Greek non-profit (MKO)

since July 2018

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